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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Start the countdown

Just when I was feeling depressed again about the end of the Rickie Weeks era, a ray of light shone forth from the net. Jemile Weeks, pack your bags and report to Muzzy Field for evaluation.


ptb said...

i still think Jemile Weeks owes it to America to change his name to Sticky Weeks, because it sounds awesome.

So, CZA, once Jemile moves up from the U21 squad, we can pencil you in for what, seventh place? YOU WENT SOFT

CZA said...

Did you know my childhood nickname was Sticky? It is FATED!

Bench said...

Sticky Czaplicki?!?

This explains so much.

CZA said...

Like what? I don't know if we want to see the tortured inner workings of Ben's mind.

It was my brother's name first; then when I arrived in the 4th grade, the teacher who had given it to him continued the tradition with me. It had some staying power -- pretty much up to late junior high. Had a few friends still occasionally use it in high school, and some shortened it to "stick". Then it saw a brief resurgence at my first post-college job (yes, I was out of school for a brief spell).