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Sunday, January 10, 2010

poor pierre bordieu

you died before the era of google maps + online data feeds.

UPDATE: also see this img:

my fave find in the whole thing is that in one zip code in Long Island, in the shitty inner burb belt of sad pudgy back-office people who take LIRR to midtown, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS is beet-red. medical marijuana's time has come! depression is real!


alm said...

no one in minnesota has apparently ever seen a tyler perry movie - we throw up total zeros on that one. new in town, though - set in NEW ULM, mn - is ROCKING the tc metro area.

other things worth noting - the unbelievable cleavage along what appears to be racial lines in great NW/SE dc, south metro atlanta vs. north metro atlanta, and if anything in there served as a marker for how spanish speaking your neighborhood was (i didn't see it, but maybe someone else did).

Moacir said...

This thing pisses me off. let's talk about spatial autocorrelation and Moran's I.

Fucking google maps is the devil, I start to think more and more every day.

CZA said...

Shhh, didn't you get the memo, Andy? Didn't you ever peek at fivethirtyeight? We're post racial.

carter said...

I have no idea what you are talking about, mo. My less-well- educated mind loves these maps. Loves them.

ptb said...

moacir, tell me more about spatial autocorrelation