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Saturday, January 09, 2010

More on points

Average points per NFL season, top 10
1. 2008
2. 1983
3. 2007
4. 2002
5. 2004
6. 1995
7. 1985
8. 2009
9. 1998
10. 1984


Moacir said...

so i guess the dh was instituted in 1979

alm said...

is that an R graph?

CZA said...

No, although I'll have to look into R. It's a freeware program called Plot that I downloaded for OS X a few years ago and which seems to have been discontinued.
(the old website was and it looks like the domain is up for grabs again). Very simple to use and can import a few formats.

I was being lazy so I didn't bother with titles or symbols, etc, but you can do that.