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Thursday, December 29, 2005


well the problem is that in a standard league there are is no slugging or obp or ops. homers and to a lesser extent, rbi, are the only way to value a power hitter that has a middling average (see Paul Konerko for most of 2004). there are two issues for stats that we need to contend with

1) how many stat categories? 5 x5, 6x6? i think we should keep them even because uneven stat categories get strange.
2) which stats? i thought we had some consensus stats but when i look again everything is in contention. do blogs let you have a voting system? could we setup up an espn-like vote where you list half a dozen stat varieties and they get voted on confidence pick style. if you want the standard stats you give it a 6, then the next best a 5, etc. that way everyone can vote (only once, while it is chicago not everyone should vote early and often) and we can come up with the best option.

For the main league, i assume we will end up drafting in the same snake-draft way as every year. Will we have access to usite again this year ben? and can we try not to schedule the draft during an elite eight u of i game? they probably wont make it to the elite eight but still.

and how can i become a john roberts clerk? i've got nothing better to do and i have a feeling i'd be the only one who wants the job.

my vote for stats: standard 5x5.


pedrag said...

no one seems to agree what standard 5x5 entails --

is it HR, H, AVG, Steals and RBI / W, K, WHIP, ERA, Saves?

because that's *1* rate stat for hitting.

also, seriously, not be a moacir acolyte here, but Wins is pretty dumb, if you think about how many games kevin millwood won last year while posting the best ERA in the AL. same goes for Clemens and Pettitte, too, really. They were much more valuable than other pitchers, even if the Astros offense prevented them from "winning" 20-22 games like Bartolo Colon did.

Omar said...

no standard 5x5 is

avg, hr,rbi,steals,runs

i do not agree that wins are dumb but thats why i think we should have some sort of vote

pedrag said...

i don't want to do a fantasy league according to my grandpa's conception of what a good baseball player is (leading the league in runs is like leading your family in good-looking siblings or something).

wins are dumb, you can print money with that one. obviously, dumb doesn't really mean anything, and i'm willing to use it as a fantasy stat, but it's frustrating, because 40% of "wins" go to some random reliever who isn't even on a roster but again, i'll go with the flow. although runs and RBIs together is some intelligent design shit. everybody is so fucking intellectually lazy! you all just want 5x5 so a magazine can draft for you, or so you *have the exact same chances as everyone else,* as long as you study hard. FUCK THAT SHIT. i want a league where random guys are good and there are more possiblities to outsmart people other than paying attention on the waiver wire, which just rewards again, democracy. i'm not into democracy.

Omar said...

ok mr. islamofascit. i vote on 5x5 more because i'm afraid of the alternative than because im in love with 5x5. veering from 5x5 in the past has given me such great varieties as holds (2x), hits and average at the same time, innings pitched, shutouts(?), and pitching appreances. thats bullshit.

while i dont personally know your grandfather, im sure he had a little something with his ideas of baseball. i tried to make changes in the football league in regards to what i thought the best way to organize stats and all i got back was bitching. if i had my druthers (and i almost did) we would have had negative points for incompletions, -4 for interceptions and alot of other things. 5x5 is just easy and is a proven commodity. everything else has a chance to be good but will likely end up sucking ass.