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Monday, February 04, 2008

crickets chirping

come on, everyone. i've got new spreadsheets brewing. i even fixed the ones that indicated spending $18 on adam dunn might be a good idea.

what's the auction budget going to be, btw?


Omar said...

i thought we settled on the 15th of march as the date of the draft with a possible owners meetup at jimmys on the 14th.

if we are going to do an auction we should stick to the basics - $260.

now its really about keepers - the amount and how we value them.

pedrag said...

march 15 is on for me. although we really need to get everyone on the same page, because not everyone has acknowledged our efforts to get a firm date. i will send an e-mail to this effect. i think the standard $260 makes sense (i mean, how else to use standardized fantasy mags' projected bids?). Next we'll have to turn to the keeper issue.

CZA said...

$260 seems good, but again, it doesn't matter because we'll be setting our own market. If everyone had $5, then Julio Lugo would price out at 5 cents (though I would end up paying a quarter). I suppose someone could probably introduce some economic theory that would explain why there is, actually, an ideal dollar value. I guess the "being able to riff off mainstream media valuations for planning purposes" is a good argument, but I lean toward having no guidance whatsoever beyond what we think we know about our fellow owners' tendencies.

Omar said...

lets just stick with $260 so we can use bp/mags/espn/rotowire etc. without a conversion factor.