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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Old Joke Retold?

I think I was like the first one to give love to the "if there's a deadlock on 6x6, we move to 5x5. If 5x5 fails, we go back to the board" understanding of events, but whatever.

This is about this video. Click on the title in the top left, and it'll launch. I dunno if you've all (or just me) made the requisite ALM jokes, but I can't help but watch that floppy blond hair and think of my favorite America Teacher for.


almartin said...

right now my desk is in the back of the room. covered deep in stacks of tests. but come june i'll move it front and center, and take some pictures with the kids working and my feet up. morcy, you'll be the first to get them.

Saud said...

My head hurts, but what did Almartin vote the first time around? If he wants to change his vote, then I'll change whatever pitching vote is required to get the 6X6 instead of the 5X5. I don't want the innings capped, but I'll live with it in order to keep RBI's in 6X6. If he gets to change his vote, then we should be able too. al Democratiyya bint kalb!

My honest honest opinion is that option 2/2 was fair and balanced, and I am sorry I blinked and realized that Arabs have learned how to politic instead of riot. I'm sorry, if you are not frothing from the mouth, I really don't know how to relate with you anymore.

Omar said...

andy never voted for the 6x6 before, only for the 5x5.

i never learned how to riot but im sure i can learn.

Mike said...

Holy shit, this video is amazing. I am in the maclab and want to turn on the audio in the worst way, but I cannot. You should sue this biter, Andy.

Mike said...

Also, am I alone in thinking that the neo-Oedipus at the end kind of looks like Ben?