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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Saud, I think the primary concerns are commitment over time and commitment to being physically present at the draft. Maybe these are, actually, two sides of the same coin, namely, "commitment." I think any final apprehensions may be covered by "yes, Chicago is my home base for the forseeable future, as I'm getting a damned PhD from this devil-spawning institution."

We also play football.

I'm not gonna address the waivers question anymore. Apparently there was an abortion of a vote, and people made some dumb decisions. I still maintain it makes sense for a player to carry the round in which he was drafted for the whole season for all managers. But my genius idea got swiftboated by the social scientists.


pedrag said...

I wanted the same thing, but the SDS punks took a good idea too far. We're all TVed to hell. Now I understand how little historical reality has to do with intent of "framers" such as myself and M. Carter. does that make me a textualist?

Mike said...

Actually, I think it was an English major and a social scientist. The free agent hard liners. And Saud, someplace there should be stats on roster moves and you'll see that the league is very active. Once, I went to Usite to check my mail and Chandler was hunched at this keyboard with BLEEDING FINGERS as he feverishly searched for a replacement for Vlad