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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jokes, Omar, and Hatred

Ben wrote:

+Can he take a joke about himself better than Omar? We already have one guy always on the hyper defensive (which in itself is hilarious) but I don't know if I can handle two.

Are you saying that, in order for Saud to join the league, he's gotta get hazed? I don't get this, or particularly agree with it. I can vouch that Saud is laid-back, dilligent, and is probably into going to cholie's and getting a frosty at the falcon after the draft.


Omar said...

why am i sandwiched between hatred and jokes?

i have met saud, independent of moacir, so if someone else needs to vouch for his laid back-ness (?) i can do that. i think ben's real question is whether or not he can handle the rigours of the fantasy league commitment. will he be willing to fly to chicago in 2014 or vegas in 2036? That is the sort of commitment needed to join. or not.

saud if you truly are reading this, and if pete added you to the list, post something to prove thine self worthy. ideally in a haiku or limerick.

Saud said...

"I pledge allegiance to the flag..."

Those who know me know that I take sports very seriously. They also know I take fantasy sports very seriously too. (NFL Films presenter voice: on) When he landed on these shores in the year 1999, part of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, Saud did not know the difference between a home-run and a touchdown. Since then, after playing stick-ball in the immigrant neighborhoods of Chicago's south side, breathing the smoke-stenched air of jimmys huddled over a cold one (miller lite) and basking in the magical glow which we can only abbreviate to ESPN. An astute learner, he began to differentiate the subtleties of the game, slowly building his sports-fan acumen to become the deranged maniac he is now. Relationships have been strained, much buffalo wings sauce has been slathered, and beer spilt, but if there is a sports event worth the millions being paid its athletes going on, there is a safe chance a certain Saud Al-Zaid is viewing it on the other side of that screen.

Ok, enough with the fancy talk. I've been in the same fantasy league since 2001, we play all the usuals (NFL, MLB, NBA) . I recently caught a cheater in our league, and for the obvious ethical reasons had to recuse myself. It was a painful. painful experience. I grew up on some level with those guys, but I can't stand a cheater, and I certainly can't stand someone who lies even when he is caught cheating. The other peeps on my league wanted to "look the other way", but how can you trust someone after that special bond between player and league has been broken? As long as everyone here is a straight shooter, all I gots to say, lets play ball.

Saud "Beast from da Middle East" Al-Zaid

p.s. And seriously man, have you had the cheddarwursts in Comiskey? Its a freaking delicacy, I tell you what.

Morcy said...

omar, you are the medium of our lives. That's why.

My captcha word is "ichmitg." That's the first one I think I ever saw that was almost a real word (or two).