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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Clam Broil!

Goddamn this template makes me miss home... And baseball...

Mostly what I want to say is that today is a beautiful day, and that has nothing to do with the sex survey I filled out.

So here is what we decided:

  • (up to) 5 keepers.
  • If you keep a player you drafted or traded for the previous year, you forfeit the round in which he was drafted the previous year.
  • If you keep a player you signed during the previous year or picked up off waivers, you forfeit the last round in the draft.
  • For the second and subsequent years of keeping a player, you forfeit your top pick.
  • Our rosters will be 27 players.
  • We will have 2 DL slots (so low!).
  • Saud likes the Cheddarwurst.
  • I miss SouthCoast.
  • Social Science will destroy the next round of negotiations: stats.
  • This post is here mostly so I can take credit for the hot new look of the site.
  • [We will submit our keepers in secret and all will be announced at the same time by pulling from a hat right before the first pick of the draft is made, but after the drafting order is established. We decided this, right?]


pedrag said...

who gives a shit about how we announce keepers, as long as we do it at the draft? all you have to do is cross guys off a list ... it's not hard ... i'd rather know in advance if that means i don't have to wait ten minutes every time ben or omar tries to draft someone who was kept, then claims they have to rethink everything as a result. i say, you can announce your keepers, or hold the news until the draft. i'm going to announce mine, one fine day in march 2007.

Morcy said...

the reason is that if we don't have some sort of fixed (mutual) deadline, people will be all, "well, Omar pix behind me in the draft, but he has tejada, and I dunno if I should keep graffanino, because what if he doesn't keep tejada" or something like that.

By all means, announce early, but there's a strategy in being the last person to announce keepers. I think that's unfair.

pedrag said...

OK, i dig. then we should all announce out of a hat at once, and no one should announce early. didn't think that through.

Mike said...

I missed the vote on losing my top pick in order to keep a player for a second year. If I finish near the bottom and get rewarded with a good spot in the draft order, I ought to have the chance to improve my team by picking someone better than the player I am replacing. I don't understand the logic behind that. Or if I do well, I ought to be rewarded for past drafting or free agent prowess and be able to build the nucleus of a dynasty. Was this some midnight, buried line item, keep the house in session to vote on a dull bill for duck habitat? So be it -- but this rule gets the gas face.